We have rules but only a few

"We want to keep you best informed so you can live life your way, but are mindful there are some things that we can't do"


Tarot Reading Rules

  • By law we are not allowed to give readings to those under 18 yrs.
  • Whilst the reading gives insight, may we suggest that you use your own judgement when making important life changes.
  • I am not allowed to forecast Death or Pregnancy

Buy Now Facility

  • The buy now facility is a useful aid when paying for readings with your debit/credit card. It goes through to Paypal to protect your details, and enables you to pay for an online reading. Once the online booking  is made, it is paid for. This is non refundable.
  • Once paid for there will be no refunds. This is worked on the basis that my time is not able to be utilised elsewhere.
Group readings
  • Once paid for in advance there will be no refunds.This is worked on the basis that my time is not able to be utilised elsewhere.

Private Policy

  • I am bound to read for you in complete confidence, I do not share any information about you or the content of your reading with anyone.
  • Any forms you fill in are for the sole reason for me to get in touch with you, and I do not share any information .
  • Any phone numbers you give me are so I can contact you and I do not share this information with anyone.
  • Any transactions of a financial nature are done through Paypal or bank transfer (if you prefer) on their secure services and I do not share that information with anyone.
  • The physical recordings of your readings that are sent to you when having a reading are deleted within 3 months and the recordings are not shared with anyone other than you my customer.
  • email readings in the form of ebook will be avaialble on a secure link for 12 months then deleted, however you will also recieve a pdf file which youncan keep for as long as you want. I will delete my copy of pdf file after 3 months. No one apart from me has access to these files

Contact Details


Please do contact me if you need further information on the services I offer and I will get back to you as soon as I can




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