Sometimes we all need a little extra inspiration when dealing with personal issues especially relationships. Why not take a look at the style of reading I can prepare for you, then order your reading with your particular questions (if any) and let me do the rest



Looking for love £10

If you have not found that special one yet and are still looking. This reading will help you focus

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Love and heartache £10

This ten card Tarot spread looks at the problems causing heartache within your relationship. It looks at what needs to be done, whether it is worth saving.

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Love Triangle £10

The 13 card Love Triangle Spread is suitable for those who are involved in a situation where they are not the only one
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Should I ? £10

If you are facing a decision between making an change or not making a change and could do with a little help.

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Twelve Month Tarot Reading £10

Your personal 12 month future forecast from the month you have ordered it. You will be able to see how it relates to your Work, Life, Love, Finances, Health and your Spirituality.

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Year of Love £10

This 30 plus page 13 card Year of Love Reading is specially designed to look at your years journey regarding love and relationships.  So what lies ahead for you in the love area of your life?

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You and your partner £10

If you want to see clearly how you are behaving in a relationship or how your partner feels about you, you might use this nine card spread

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Can we fix it ? £10

For those where the relationship has ended and you are wondering if there is a possibility of  a reunion this is the reading for you.

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New beginnings £15

Sometimes we move out of our comfort zone and start off in a completely new direction in life which can be scary. If you need a little extra  insight as to how things might pan out in the next chapter of your life

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Simplify your life £10

We all have junk under our beds or emotional baggage in our lives. If you need help to simplify things let this reading help you

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