"If you have any of life challenges or feel that you need assistance from the Universe then choose the reading format that reflects your situation and let me do the rest. Your Ebook reading personally prepared by me will be delivered to your inbox within two days of ordering"

Rainbow Reading £10

This is an ideal spread if you just wamt to know what the Universe has to say to you.

Our pathway is paved out for us, just like the beautiful hues of the rainbow. We instinctivley travel towards our destination with hope and  optimism to that pot of gold as a goal at its end. Let the Universe paint your own personal rainbow for the future "

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Simplify your life £10

We all have junk under our beds or emotional baggage in our lives. If you need help to simplify things let this reading help you

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Stuck in a rut ? £10

When you feel that life has passed you by and unsure how to get out of that rut. This will ppoint you in the right direction

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Three Questions £10

Yes life can be complicated so when you have to ask about something that requires a simple yes or no answer to each of three questions to gain insight into the big picture.

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Yes or No Question £6

You ask the question, making sure it is going to be a yes or no answer that you are looking for when you pose the question. These three cards will reveal the answer and explain influences that are surrounding this issue, so you can use the information in a positive way

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Twelve Month Tarot Reading £10

Your personal 12 month future forecast from the month you have ordered it. You will be able to see how it relates to your Work, Life, Love, Finances, Health and your Spirituality.

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Manifest your dream £10

Want to manifest that dream of yours? This splendid nine card Tarot reading lights the way, comprising of nine tarot cards. Often we know what we want, but are unsure of how to make the dream come true

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Career Review £10

If you need to consider a job/career change to maximise the potential for happiness and/or money then this reading may help you move forward"

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Looking for that job £10

What ever your situation this 14 card spread will help you figure out your next step to finding the right job for you

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New beginnings £10

Sometimes we move out of our comfort zone and start off in a completely new direction in life which can be scary. If you need a little extra  insight as to how things might pan out in the next chapter of your life

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Should I ? £10

If you are facing a decision between making an change or not making a change and could do with a little help.

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Can we fix it ? £10

For those where the relationship has ended and you are wondering if there is a possibility of  a reunion this is the reading for you.

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