Telephone Tarot

So you need to have a tarot card reading but am unable to see me in person. No worries, why not have a telephone tarot reading only £25 and I phone you! You will have an Tarot Card Reading for up to 30 minutes. Your reading will be recorded, and the actual reading sent onto your email address so that you can hear your reading again and again. This is a unique service provided exclusively by East Yorkshire Tarot and its is all in the cost. (Your email address should be able to accept files up to 20mb)
The beauty of this type of  reading is that you do not have to leave home, just make an appointment and pay via paypal or through bank transfer on the day of your reading.
So get in touch to book your appointment with me either by text 07823888785, or use the contact me  button below. I will do my best to get the appointment time you are looking for.

Contact me

Paypal Payments

You don’t have to have a Paypal account it does not matter, as this is a safe payment system that protects you. Remember you don’t have to pay until the day of your reading and you can cancel anytime up to the day of your reading. I will send you a paypal request when you have confirmed the day and time of your reading.

Bank Transfer Payments
If you would feel more comfortable sending me a payment through Bank Transfer that is also an option. Just let me know at the time of booking