Face to Face Readings

Tarot Readings with me in Hull city centre

Having a ‘face to face’ reading with me is an ideal way to have your Tarot Cards read. The cost is £25 and this is payable when you have your reading with me on the day. Based here in Hull City Centre in HU1 location

If you would like to arrange your reading for yourself, or you and your friends, then please text me on 07823888785 or use the contact me button below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Included in the cost of your tarot reading is a CD prepared for you at the time of your reading ,so that you can listen to it again and no need to make notes.

All readings are by reservation only, so please do text me to arrange the day and time that is suitable for you. 

So get in touch to book your appointment with me either by text 07823888785 or using the ‘Contact me’ button below I will do my best to get the appointment time you are looking for.

Contact me

Tarot Readings at your home

No matter where you live in East Yorkshire we can come to your place to provide tarot readings at your home.

All I ask is that there must be at least 4 people requiring a reading up to a maximum of 8 for this to happen. 

The cost is  £35 per person so that has got to be a great deal. If you have a specific date in mind  please do let me know and I will try my best to arrange that for you.

Remember allow half an hour per reading so let us know when you want the event to start. All we ask is that you allow space for the readings to be done (A separate room) that is private, so each guest has their own personal reading done to ensure confidentiality. If you don’t have table and chairs in that private area, no problems we can bring them too.

Remember all that is said in the reading with you is completely confidential I guarantee that. Remember, I can only read for those over 18 yrs old, or if over 16 yrs with parental consent.

A Small deposit  will be taken to secure your booking, but only when you are happy for things to proceed (£35 deposit non-refundable) The deposit you have left with me comes off the balance due at the time of your house party, so that means you do not loose any money.

What to do next ?

If you are thinking about having me come to yours to provide tarot readings and would like to know more then just click onto the ‘Enquiry tarot at your home’ here and fill in the details or simply text me 07823888785 I will get back to you pronto..Kathleen Enquiry about tarot at your home