New beginnings £15

"Sometimes we move out of our comfort zone and start off in a completely new direction in life which can be scary. If you are embarking on a 'fresh start' or 'new beginning' in your life and need a little extra  insight as to how things might pan out in the next chapter of your life, then this card reading is the ideal way to illunimate your pathway."

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New beginnings £15

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New beginnings £15

If  you are embarking on a ‘fresh start’ or ‘new beginning’ in your life, and need a little extra insight as to how things might pan out in the next chapter of your life, this reading is the ideal spread to illuminate your pathway. Whether that challenge may be as a Fresher at University, a new relationship, new career path or entry into retirement let me help you focus in on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities , and Threats present in and around this ‘New Beginning’, along with advice.

Strengths and weaknesses will come from within surrounding your new pathway and how it impacts on you personally. Opportunities and threats come from the outside, that will be presented to you from the Universe.

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