Looking for that job £20

"This is an ideal spread if you just want to know what the Universe has to say to you regarding your current job situation. Perhaps you have a few challenges at the moment and need a little help from the Universe. It could be that you are thinking about a complete change and wonder if there are some challenges to overcome in order to 'get that job!' What ever your situation this 14 card spread will help you figure out your next step to finding the right job for you"

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Looking for that job £20

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Looking for that job £20

This 14 card spread is  a very popular reading that reveals aspects that may be hindering your search for a job. It tells you what you need to know about your future employment situation. Topics included are about you as a worker, things hindering your search, what to avoid, things helping your search, what you must do. The final outcome is about the outcome in the short and long term.

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