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We all at sometime have some challenges in our life. Wouldn't it be helpful to have the heads up on matters likely to unfold in the future.

Having an online Tarot Reading is a very effective and economical way to do this. The readings range just from £3 for a yes/no question. The broad areas covered are Love,Life, Work and Questions. Click on the portfolio pictures below to find out more.

Our Readings

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Can we fix It £9


Career Review £10


Is this the One £7.50


Looking for Love £10


Looking for that job £11


Love and heartache £10


Love Triangle £10


Manifest your wish £9


New beginnings £15


Rainbow reading £11


Should I ? £9


Simplify your life £15


Three little questions £9


Twelve month reading £18


Year of love £10


Yes or no question £3


You and your partner £9
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