Love Email Readings

Having an email tarot reading involving a question about love  can not be simpler! Look at the titles below and see which of these best suits your general topic and click on the button to see more.

Don’t worry there is plenty of space on your ordering form to give me more information when you are buying your reading.Best of all check out the ‘See demo’ buttons when you are taken to the reading of your choice, as they will give the general structure and layout of the reading you will receive. The great thing about my email tarot readings are that you can read them anywhere on your laptop, mobile or tablet. 

We are open all day every day all year to take your orders. Your email reading will be delivered to your inbox within two days.

Love and heartache £10Can we fix it? £9Is this the one? £7.50Looking for love £10You and your partner £9Year of love £10Love triangle £10Simplify your life £15New Beginnings £15