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Hello, I'm Kathleen Robinson and I have been reading Tarot since 1995.

I believe that we only have one life to live and throughout this time are given choices and challenges.

We all want to live our life our way, and that means sometimes we need a bit of clarity on where we are going and possible areas that we need to focus on. Having a tarot reading with me may help you focus on life's challenges and delights, and, empower you to make any changes you feel you need too for  your future path the life your way..

What is a Tarot Reading ?

Tarot has been around since the mid 14 th Century so it has a lot of history! It is a tool used to help focus on what the future holds for us should we wish to get the heads up on that matter in hand.

It is done using a set of Tarot Cards, and with my help as your translator, you will be able to see what lies ahead for you given the current set of circumstances you are faced with now. Its kind of a 'time line' as you get with Facebook, but, this time moving into the future.Just to clarify I am not a medium which means I don't tap into passed relatives using a spirit guide. I suggest you see a medium to make contact with those passed on. I am a pure Clairyoyant, which focuses on the future ...your future..and those you love..



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Kathleen face to face

If you are in the Hull area and have the time to see me in person this is a great way to have your reading with me.


Sometimes you just cannot make it to visit me in person, but, don't let that stop you from having your reading. This reading is just as effective as a visit in person.

You are really just wanting to know about a particular area in your life and am happy to recieve a written Ebook tarot reading prepared by me and delivered to your inbox. A  great cost effective way of getting a reading.

Opening Times

Opening Times for Face to Face Appointments Only

Monday       6 pm to 8pm

Tuesday       6 pm to 8pm

Wednesday  6 pm to 8pm

Thursday      6 pm to 8pm

Saturday       2 pm to 8pm

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